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  The Balance Point Process® 

Through years of working with clients, The Unland Company has developed its own proprietary method of growing businesses and positioning products —The Balance Point Process®.

The Balance Point Process® has been used for more than 20 years by companies and organizations around the world.  Some companies who have used The Balance Point Process® you will recognize, some you may not, but they all have one thing in common: They used The Unland Company’s Balance Point Process® to understand the needs and perceptions, and expectations of  their markets around a bundle of topics. Our clients then use this intelligence to develop effective strategies and positioning platforms to  create opportunities and grow their businesses.

The Balance Point Process® is a four-step methodology of gathering primary research from many constituencies in the marketplace — allowing our clients to see the world through the eyes of its customers and non-customers. We have found that this qualitative information is an essential element in determining marketing and positioning strategies that work — that resonate with the audiences.

The Unland Company has developed effective and powerful leadership strategies for clients through ‘value proposition analysis/ voice of the customer’ research.  One critically important element in our work is understanding the perceptions of stakeholders in the value chain around our client’s perceived value.

It is the perceptions of those in the market that are so important to understand first, before a truly effective marketing and positioning strategy around value can be developed.


In the end, if they are not understood at the outset, money and resources are wasted against internal assumptions and growth and opportunity are lost, perhaps to competitors.

Ultimately, our work with our clients around understanding their value in their industries and markets is around control and money.

With knowledge of your value proposition and how your perceived value can be leveraged to differentiate you among other suppliers to the stakeholders in your market, you will have more control over your destiny and ultimately, this translates to sales and revenue.

The Balance Point Process®

Phase I

In Phase I, we assemble an internal consensus of the client’s respective role in an industry. We also discuss their existing and potential customers/stakeholders, and we map out the distribution/stakeholder value chain to the extent that it is known. In addition, we determine the market segments to target for our research so we can move into Phase II of the process.

Phase II

The objective of Phase II is to understand how external market/stakeholder segments perceive the category, our client, as well as the industry at large.  Acquiring this information is achieved through a series of in-person interviews with downstream segments of the value chain. We also speak with individuals and organizations that are involved in other capacities relevant to the research we are conducting, such as trade associations, consultants, and other Industry Experts. We refer to these companies/contacts as ‘stakeholders’.

Phase III

In Phase III, TUC compiles the information gathered from Phases I and II into a report and develops effective strategies and messages designed to defend and strengthen our client’s current market position.  We also determine ways to attract new ‘customers’ and foster continued growth in the various industries we research.  Such plans may include traditional advertising methods, but may equally involve new and innovative approaches. 

Phase IV

The objective of Phase IV is to implement the strategies developed in Phase III and to reach the right people in the right way with the right message.  In Phase IV, the client works in close partnership with TUC to reposition their company and product/service around ‘value’ to stakeholders through specifically designed platforms, presentations, events, campaigns, etc.   Achieving this market awareness may require a cultural change in the company that balances market needs with product development.

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"I have worked with the Balance Point Process several times, and it is the perfect complement to our Six Sigma efforts here at Dupont®."

Dupont Six Sigma Black Belt

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