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The consistent theme that runs through the services we provide our clients is not only how to deal with change, but how to anticipate change for their advantage.

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 Global Marketing Strategy and Business Development 

This is not a canned presentation!!  Every talk, speech, presentation is original and tailored to your audience.

Over the past 20 years, John Unland has traveled the globe and has crafted marketing strategies for and with companies of all sizes and diversity.  He has original case studies for each of these and can shape a speaking presentation that is targeted, specifically, to your business needs and interests.

For example, learn how Gore-Tex® Outerwear became the world-class brand that it is today – through the application of some unconventional and creative thinking.  Learn how NASA has used The Unland Company to develop its strategy and communications platform for upcoming missions to the Moon and Mars and other examples from such clients as:  Dupont, Rohm and Haas and others.

As a former instructor at the Wharton School of Business, John is adept at engaging audiences through real, on the streets, unique, business experience.  His presentations promise to be riveting, useful and laced with humor.


In business as in life, unexpected turns and obstacles often disrupt the road to success. To succeed—and even survive as organizations and individuals, we all must develop the skills and attitudes to adapt to these unforeseen challenges.

Linda’s work in the natural world has led her to the development of a principle that not only speaks to the survivability and flourishing of businesses, but also to individuals. That principle is called THE MAD PRINCIPLE (Move, Adapt or Die).

In this compelling and enlightening presentation, Linda and John both take the stage to connect the laws of nature to our ability to flourish both as organizations and individuals.

Drawing on both unique personal and business experiences, their message of endurance, discovery, optimism and pure business marketing strategy will enlighten and inspire audiences everywhere.

We will cater this speaking engagement to your audience directly and will provide follow up strategy work for your organization to actively engage in addressing THE MAD PRINCIPLE.

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"Outstanding talk and presentation. Very insightful and this shows us all how much we have to do to show our value to American taxpayers."

Director, Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

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