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The consistent theme that runs through the services we provide our clients is not only how to deal with change, but how to anticipate change for their advantage.

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The Consulting side of our business allows you to work directly with our firm for an extended period of time, allowing you and your staff to draw on our extensive experience in consulting across many industries around the world, work that has often redefined fundamental business and marketing strategies for our clients by asking this simple, yet fundamental question:

Where does the power lie in the value chain?

Utilizing our proprietary market development methodology, The Balance Point Process®, answering this question with our clients in our consulting work has played a major role in establishing leadership strategies and positions for such companies as DuPont, Lockheed Martin, Gore-Tex® Outerwear, NASA, Rohm and Haas and others-- uncovering for them new opportunities for growth and leadership.

Many of our clients have not realized the extent to which they can influence decisions, even beyond their direct customer base. If suppliers have truly differentiated products/services, they may have the opportunity to create demand for their enterprise beyond the horizon of their existing ‘customers’—they indeed may be able to exert influence throughout the value chain for their services.

  The End Game

The end game in engaging our firm on a consulting basis is to allow you and your organization to influence market buying-decisions in your favor for growth, greater profitability, and increased shareholder value.

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"For six years, The Unland Company played a crucial part in our global growth as a company and as a brand. They are great partners to have on your side."

Global Business Manager,
Gore-Tex® Outerwear

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